Anatomical Models from MRI / CT Scan Data

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Upload your scan data using a spatial resolution of 0.625mm without overlap.


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Multiple Medical Applications

16 CT MRI Alterno

Reconstructive and Orthopedic Surgery

Custom-designed implants to fit every patient's needs.
16 CT MRI Printing-1

Anatomical Models

For general purpose surgeries.

21 Product Design

Surgical Guides

For spine surgery, osteotomies, and tumor resection procedures.

Models for Surgical Training and Education

3D printed anatomical parts for surgery planning, education and marketing purposes.
11 ZipE Alterno

Case-Specific Surgical Instrument Design


Orthodontic Models and Dental Surgical Guides

20 ASTM Alterno

Silicone-Rubber Models

for accurately simulating the anatomy and mechanical properties of soft tissue.
22 Mechanical Testing

Postoperative model reconstruction

for comparative purposes before a surgery.

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Our biomedical prototypes offer great value to medical professionals around the globe:


Better Clinical Outcomes

Capability of visualizing the medical condition previous to the surgery.


Functional Validation

Validates the surgical guidelines, catheters, and other devices.


Shorter Surgery Times

Shortens the duration of the surgery and reduces overall complications.

Copia de doctor

Real-Life Visualization

Ability to explain the medical condition to the patient and relatives.

Copia de skull

Patient-Specfic Models

Adequate sizing and selection of the required implants for the surgery.


Less Surgical Instruments

Reduces the number of conventional instruments needed during surgery.


Enhanced Patient Safety

Greater precision in the positioning of implants or bone resections.


Precise Clinical Positioning

Greater precision in the positioning of implants or bone resections

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