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GSE Biomedical Terry2Band

Terry2 Band™ Hemostatis Band

World-first dual-artery hemostasis band.

GSE Biomedical Nano-1

Nano-1 Metallic Resorbable Stent

Metallic bioresorbable stent for coronary and peripheral applications.

GSE Biomedical Ziptek

Ziptek Tissue Repair Technology

Surgical zip-tie for soft-tissue repair in arthroscopic and open surgery.

GSE Biomedical Self-Pap Smear

Self-Pap Smear Device

Disposable self-sampling device for pap smears for traditional detection of cervical cancer.

GSE Biomedical Endovascular Devices

Endovascular Devices

BMS and DES coronary stents, stent-grafts, flow diverters, occluder devices for endovascular applications.

GSE Biomedical PPE

Personal Protective Equipment

Mass-produced PPE during the COVID-19 crisis.

GSE Biomedical Medical-Grade Textiles

Medical Textiles

Custom medical apparel for healthcare professionals.

GSE Biomedical VSZ-20-2 Ventilator

VSZ-20-2 COVID Ventilator

Mexico's own emergency ventilator for COVID-19 pursposes.

GSE Biomedical Endotracheal Tube Holder

Pediatric Endotracheal Tube Holder

Pediatric endotracheal intubation tube holder.

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