Ziptek – With ZipE® – Knotless tissue repair and attachment devices are a tissue repair system that utilizes a surgical button with increased surface area for improved healing. The surgical button moves forward across suture with protuberances in a forward direction while lockingly is prevented from moving in the opposite direction offering a Zip-Tie type engineering for repairing soft-tissue. The device is initially directed at the rotator cuff repair market(~$500,000,000/yr USA), yet has nearly 24 other Indications for use while being patent protected for use in procedures outside of orthopedic surgery. It affords increased contact areas for healing and prevents the suture from ripping through the tissue, the highest form of failure for rotator cuff repairs- which in some studies can exceed 60 percent-it is the only device on the market that is designed to prevent this failure mode.

October 23, 2016

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