• Conceptual Product Design / Industrial Design

    From idea to finished product, we will help you with the design process from a sketch of a basic idea to finished product. We use several product design methodologies to ensure your product meets several criteria in terms of cost, manufacturability, ease of use, lifecycle time, etc.

  • Research and Development

    We strive to create useful solutions to develop new products and solutions for your future growth. Our work is always based on a scientific method approach, our engineers work on investigative activities to develop solutions to your engineering challenges based on scientific principles. We also have the support from academics of worldwide renowned Universities in many specialized fields such as Electrical, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering.

  • Computer Design and Engineering Drawings

    One of our core strengths is the creation of product or process designs using Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) for the purpose of visualization, dimensional validation, rendering, and specification of manufacturing processes. Our design engineers are Certified Solidworks Associates and create designs based on manufacturing and assembly principles (DFMA). Final engineering drawings for prototype or production release are generated and include manufacturing as well as tolerancing specifications.

  • Structural / Thermal / Electromagnetic / Fluid Dynamics Validation

    Early stage product design wouldn´t be complete without a virtual validation of the designs we create. We ensure those designs will perform according to the Mechanical, Thermal, Electromagnetic, Electrical or Fluid Dynamics requirements of the products based on computer numerical models. Finite Element Analyses provide us with feedback based on the material properties, shape, and boundary conditions of the design.

  • 3D Reconstruction from Imaging Technologies

    We can do anatomical 3D models out a wide array of imaging modalities to enable the use of such geometries for physical construction of in-vitro models for pre-clinical procedure planning or experimental testing. The 3D computer geometries can also be used for anatomically correct development of implants or devices as well as to use such models with computer simulations.

  • Medical Art and Illustration / 3D Animations

    Conceptual design work and medical art are not only useful but essential for a variety of purposes within the medical device development industry:
    • Product presentations and marketing
    • Clinical procedures training
    • Regulatory documentation procedure illustration
    • Patent application drawings
    • Medical case reconstruction
    • Brochures
    • Instruction manuals
    • Illustration or animation of pathological conditions or medical device usage
    • Photorealistic rendering