• Render - DIL-A10

    Design and development of lumbar and cervical disc replacement devices

  • Instron Stage

    Design and development of a 6 degrees of freedom stage for precision measurement of vertebral disc compression forces

  • Sketch 2015-03-13 05_05_10

    Development and testing of a knotless bioabsorbable tissue repair system for arthroscopic surgery

  • S-MAI3A2

    Photorrealistic rendering of an anatomically correct shoulder joint

  • Bifurcacion en angulo

    Development of a Stainless Steel 316L coronary stent for stenotic atherosclerotic lesions in bifurcated regions of the coronary tree

  • S-3DRIT1

    3D reconstruction and printing of mandible bone for preoperative planning of titanium plate reinforcement

  • Pedicle thumbnail

    Bone cement infusion pedicle screw

  • STEP thumbnail

    Development of a pediatric endotracheal tube holder for intensive care applications

  • device

    Development of a Self-Pap Smear Device for Cervical Cancer Screening