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In 2014, we developed and patented a coronary stent designed specifically for the treatment of lesions in bifurcation zones. This stainless steel 316L alloy stent would be able to be positioned easily inside bifurcation zones with a single catheter. The project was set out to have a completely new design from the beginning all the way to finished prototypes and in-vitro testing. Such design considered specific clinical and mechanical performance attributes such as radial strength, elastic recoil, trackability, ease of deployment, radiopacity, etc.  This development was funded through CONACYT grants under project #213920 of 2014. Our aim is to further improve this design and add the capability to be a drug-eluting stent (DES). In 2017, we will work with Mexico’s National Institute of Cardiology in the development of a new antiproliferative drug to minimize in-stent restenosis rates.

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Development of a Stainless Steel 316L coronary stent for stenotic atherosclerotic lesions in bifurcated regions of the coronary tree

August 28, 2016