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GSE Biomedical has been actively involved with our partner company ZIPTEK LLC based in Sarasota, FL ( Our team of engineers has been working in the several stages of product development from concept to finished working prototype. Orthopaedic surgeon Dr. William F Bennett, CEO and owner of ZIPTEK LLC, has been coordinating all activities with our team of engineers in order to design and develop a series of components for this knotless and bioabsorbable arthroscopic tissue repair system branded ZipE (R); the main features of the system include a surgical button made of bioabsorbable materials, suture anchors made of both titanium and bioabsorbable materials, and a specifically designed driver system. After prototype production, we performed more than 2,500 individual mechanical performace tests in the different configurations in both static and cyclic loading modes and in dry and physiological phosphate buffered saline solution environments at 37°C.


Shoulder arthroscopy procedure test using ZipE(R) surgical capture buttons on top of tendon tissue

Development and testing of a knotless bioabsorbable tissue repair system for arthroscopic surgery

September 19, 2016