Our lab facililties are now equipped with an Instron Electropuls E1000 static and dynamic tension/compression testing equipment with +/-2000 N dynamic load cell. Tests can be performed and controlled based on extension, load or strain. Strain based tests are performed using an Epsilon digital extensometer. We can construct fixtures for most ASTM or ISO standard tests or for custom mechanical testing.

Static testing up to +/- 710N
• Tension (ASTM D638, E8, E345, D882, D1708, F2516, ISO 527, etc.)
• Compression (ASTM D695, ISO 604, etc.)
• Flexure (ASTM D790, D6272, ISO 178, etc.)
• Stress relaxation (ASTM E328, D6048, D1646, D6147, ISO 3384, etc.)
• Creep (ASTM D2990, D7337, etc.)
• Peel (ASTM F88, F2256)
• Tear (ASTM D1004)
• Friction testing (ASTM D1894)
• Solution-immersed tests at controlled temperature of 37°C+/-2°C for specific medical applications
• Torsion tests
• Biomedical standard tests (ASTM F2458, F2606, EN455, etc.)
• Creation of custom test control sequences
• Stress-strain curve generation of custom specimens
• Custom reports

Dynamic testing up to +/-1000 N from 0.01 Hz to a maximum frequency of 100 Hz
• Fatigue testing of materials, components or assemblies to determine product lifecycle
• Real-time calculations
• Full control on cyclic waveforms
• Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Calculations
• Elastic Stiffness and Energy Calculations
• Creation of custom test control sequences including ramps, waveforms, frequencies, amplitudes, etc.

August 28, 2016
Mechanical Testing

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