3D printing of patient specific anatomical models and surgical guides

Dimensionally accurate 3D reconstruction of anatomical models from MRI / CT Scan data


  • Reconstructive and Orthopedic surgery
  • Anatomical models for maxillofacial preoperative planning
  • Surgical guides for spine surgery, osteotomies and tumor resection procedures
  • Models for surgical training with controlled densities simulating osteoporotic, osteopenic or healthy bone
  • Case-specific surgical instrument design
  • Orthodontic model and dental surgical guides
  • Silicone models for accurately simulating the anatomy and mechanical properties of soft tissue
  • Postoperative model reconstruction for comparative purposes


  • Shortens the duration of the surgery and reduces overall complications
  • Offers the capability of physically visualizing the medical condition previous to the surgery
  • Ability to validate the functionality of surgical guides, catheters and other surgical instruments.
  • Ability to clearly explain the medical condition to the patient and their relatives
  • Correctly sizing and selecting the required implants
  • Greater precision in the positioning of implants or bone resections
  • Ability to replicate with precision the surgical plan
  • Reduces the number of conventional instruments needed during surgery
  • Positioning of implants at the correct angle and correct depth


Upload your scan data in DICOM format with a spatial resolution of 0.625mm without overlap.
Send it via
www.WeTransfer.com addressed info@gse-biomedical.com with a brief explanation of the purpose of the model.

We will contact you to evaluate the desired specifications of the model.
A preliminary 3D view of the model will be sent for approval including the quotation.

Models are manufactured within 48 hours after final approval.
The models are then shipped overnight to the specified address.

Materials and Technology


Photopolymeric resin for the highest resolution printing using Stereolitography technology


PLA filament for medium to high detail prints using Fused Deposition Modeling technology

Densities in FDM printing

FDM 3D printing is capable of simulating different bone densities in models for surgical training. We have the ability to simulate the mechanics of screw insertion in osteoporotic, osteopenic or healthy bone.

If requested, it is posible to adjust and/or modify the model depending on final purpose. It is possible to drill, tap and screw FDM models as a preoperative planning step.

Payment methods


  • PayPal payment request to the specified email address